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A quick thought on Discipleship

Commitment seems to be a low priority in our culture today. If believers are not careful, the lack of commitment to the Great Commission may seep into their lives. Every true disciple of Jesus Christ must be involved in the reaching of the lost. This responsibility of making new disciples rests on every person in the body of Christ. Jesus gave His Great Commission to every believer (Matt 28:19). Not only did He give this Commission, but He also ordained His church to be active and play an important part of the process of discipling new believers. In Stan Gleason's book, Follow To Lead, he says, “Jesus demonstrated the behavior He wanted to see reproduced in His followers. His model of leadership was not one of pontificating from a high horse and requiring His subjects to engage in all sorts of behavior that He had no intention of performing Himself.” In other words, Jesus modeled the perfect teacher-disciple relationship. The first-century church understood that all believers and members needed to be involved in the discipleship method. They were intentional and relational in helping others in their spiritual growth by sharing resources; ministering from house to house.

One of the most powerful commandments of Jesus is that we are to love one another. Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:15). Gleason powerfully says, “Any individual believer or a congregation that desires to make disciples of necessity must embrace an ‘everyone is welcome’ mentality and attitude … true disciples of Christ don’t just see strangers for who or what they appear to be outwardly; they look beneath the surface and see strangers as potential neighbors in the body of Christ” I believe this commandment is just as powerful as the Great Commission. In fact, loving your neighbor demonstrates true discipleship even if they look different or believe in another faith.

Stan Gleason’s book may be questionable for some believers because he pushes the envelope just a bit; however, it is needful if a believer truly wants to make disciples. His tome causes deep self-reflection to those believers who claim to “love the lost” yet, do absolutely nothing. Also, there is a traditional mindset of “us four and no more” in some our congregations. That approach is long gone; it is over. If I am to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, I must continue to love and obey His Word. That means, I must love and reach people with this gospel. Furthermore, resisting the idea that the Great Commission does not apply to me because I hold a “title” at my local church. We are all ordained to become involved in the Lord’s kingdom work.

Thank you for reading my post. Be blessed.

Book recommendation:

Follow To Lead by Stan Gleason

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